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Our Parties Are Second To None!

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Battle Party LA-01.png

About Battle Party LA

Battle Party LA began as two friends with a passion for Nerf in 2019, and evolved into something much greater. Officially founded in February 2020, Battle Party LA, quickly became LA's Ultimate Nerf Party Company. Specializing in the most unforgettable mobile Nerf Party experience in Los Angeles.  From kid's birthday parties to corporate events, BPLA does it all!  Each party is fully insured, and comes with multiple types of blasters ranging from pistols, shotguns, snipers, rifles, and much more, tons of eye and neck safety equipment, over 8 unique game modes, background checked Nerf Captains, adaptable custom inflatable battlefields, and so much more! Let us take all the stress out of your party, just sit back, relax, and let us entertain your guests with an experience they will be talking about for years to come!
We are a completely mobile company.  This means that you pick a space, such as a residential area or park, and we bring the party to you.  If you are having difficulty finding a place to host your party, we are happy to help! Just let us know.

How Do I Get Started Booking?

Throwing a party with us is easy! Just follow the following steps:
- Select a date
- Find a location, such as a park, residential space, or indoor gym. For examples of spaces, click here:
 - If you choose a park, be sure to secure all permits and reservation requirements. Different municipalities have different rules and prices. All of these items can be found by calling the Department of Parks and Recreation of the city you wish to host your party in.  Booking Parks can sometimes be annoying and difficult (much like waiting at the DMV, it could be multiple calls before you get ahold of someone.) If you are having trouble booking your space, we are happy to walk you through the process.  Click here for a detailed step-by-step process on booking parks!
- Determine the number of guests and the length of play time you desire.
- Contact us! Email us at, fill out our                  form, or give us a call at (323) 333-9104. We will contact you via phone to iron out all the details. On the call we will take all the above information and give you an updated quote based on your party needs!    
- Once a price has been agreed upon, Once your party date and details are confirmed, a $100 deposit is required to secure your reservation.  A liability waiver is signed and Viola! You're ready to go! (note: deposits are required for party reservations. A date is not booked unless a deposit has been secured.  You can make your deposit two ways, via venmo, or Credit Card. Please note that all card transactions carry a 3.75% service charge.) 
- Don't hesitate to tell us what you really want! If you see something in another package that you would like in yours, let us know! We want you to have the best party possible!

On The Day of the Party:

- We will arrive one hour before the starting time of your party to set up.
- Before play starts, a short safety meeting is required of all players.  Here, we teach them the rules of play and how to properly handle all equipment. Safety goggles ARE REQUIRED at all times, even if you're on the sidelines.
- We have tons of different game modes.  Typically, we start with Team Elimination, followed by Capture the Flag, Protect the President, Medic, Fortnite, Bank Heist, or Cops and Robbers.  However, ultimately the game mode will be decided by the guest of honor (the birthday kid). For more info on the Games and rules click here: 
- We recommend taking a short water break after each round of play to avoid any heat related injuries.
- We try to keep each round of play ranging between 5-10 minutes.  If most players are eliminated, we will work to end the round by introducing special conditions so that everyone can play again.
- After your play time is up, you don't have to do a thing! We clean everything up and you just enjoy your party!
About Our Parties

Have More Questions? Click Here:

Meet the Battle Party LA Team!

That is our safety guarantee!

We know you wouldn't trust just anyone with your kids. That's why we make sure you know exactly who will be at your party. No third parties, just us! Your assigned Nerf Coordinator will personally contact you and answer any questions you might have. No Exceptions!

Dylan George - Co-Founder & Lead Nerf Captain


Originally from Dublin, Ohio, Dylan moved to Los Angeles to continue his work in Voiceover and Acting. With over 18 years of musical theatre experience, and 10 years of children's theatre camps (as well as comedic improvisation performances), Dylan brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to any party.  Never quite growing up himself, he jumps at the opportunity to create exciting and fun environments for kids of any age and often narrates Nerf battles through a megaphone and adds sound effects as it the battle rages on around him.  He fully engages with all party goers, making sure all kids feel included, and takes joy in immersing them in the event and playing a character to enhance their experience.  Dylan's improv and theatre experience also allows him to quickly create and adapt games to keep your party guests engaged and on their toes! 

Mack Corl - Co-Founder & Nerf Captain

Mack, like Dylan, grew up in the Midwest and came out west to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and enjoy the perfect year round weather. Mack has been around sports his whole life, starting as a Camp Leader and then getting sports such as football throughout high school and college. He has a strong passion for sports, and has plans to coach football in the near future. 


Mack and Dylan became friends while working at a restaurant in Hollywood and one day, when facing the tough situation of figuring on how to make money with his love of sports and coaching, In true entrepreneurial spirit, Mack reached out to Dylan about combining their talents to create Battle Party LA, and thus in January 2019, the company was born.  


Don't think that he's all business though, Mack's intuitive sports mind brings an adaptive and fast paced gameplay to each event.  Much like his associate, his unbreakable enthusiasm and upbeat attitude keeps kids engaged and entertained throughout every event.  Mack’s experiences and passion for sports helps him create unique game adaptations that are sure to keep each match fresh and new!

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