- Location Questions -

Q: The Pandemic has made it difficult for me to find a space for my party. What should I do?


A: Typically we host events in parks and residential spaces. However, until the end of the pandemic,  we do not recommend hosting an event in a public space.  Our team encourages private residential spaces or indoor/outdoor venues from websites such as peerspace, churches, YMCAs, local gymnasiums, or private soccer/tennis training centers.  Dance studios and banquet halls can also be used as a great battle space! The best part about our battlefields is that they are adaptable to almost any size/shape space, greatly increasing your options.  If you have any questions about sizing, don't hesitate to call us at (323) 333-9104.

Q: Where should I host my party?

  A: Parks or residential areas, and backyards are great spaces for a Battle! Gymnasiums work well too! Softer ground (grass) is always better. Be sure to adhere to all permit requirements.

Q: How do I acquire a permit for a municipal park?

A: On the website of your desired park, there will be a reservations page, or a contact number for the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Simply, call them and give them the details of your party, date, time, number of guests etc. and the process of obtaining a permit is easy.

Q: How large of a space should I reserve?

A: We can configure to meet the needs of almost any space, but we recommend at least a 25' x 50' space to allow ample room for play.  We advise against any space that is less than 20' x 20'.  

Q: What surface is the best to play on?

A: Grass is the best and safest play surface.  We advise against less forgiving surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.  Sand, dirt, or loose gravel surfaces will damage our equipment and as such, we cannot accommodate to those places.

- Payment/Deposit Questions -

Q: How do we pay for the event?

  A: We accept cash, venmo, or card payments.  A 3.75% service charge is applied to all credit card transactions.

Q: What is your Venmo info?

A: Venmo: BattlePartyLALLC

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it refundable if I cancel?

   A: Your deposit serves as your reservation of that time slot/party.  It will   apply to the total price once the party is finished.  All deposits are nonrefundable as we are a service based company and your deposit is our commitment to the event. Cancellations after receiving deposits will not be subject to a refund.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: No. All parties must be paid in full at the conclusion of each event.

Q: Is gratuity included in the price? Do I have to tip?

A: No, gratuity is not included in the price. Tipping your Nerf Captain is completely at your discretion, but greatly appreciated.

Q: If I have to cancel my event, do I get a refund of my deposit?

A: Events that are canceled prior to 15 days before their scheduled date will receive a full refund of their deposit. Events canceled within 14 days of their scheduled date will not receive a refund.

Q: What if the weather prevents me from having my party on my scheduled day?

A: Battle Party LA is not responsible for inclement weather. It is the duty of the party host (you) to plan for weather.  Our gear is light water resistant, so light rain will not affect play. However, heavier conditions may require early tear down or a recess. If the weather is not too bad, we provide a free 15 minute recess (schedule permitting) and will resume play. If the weather proves to be dangerous, will last more than 15 minutes, or prove to be damaging to our equipment, we reserve the right to an early tear down, in which case the party will end immediately and price will be due in full for the services provided.


- Game Modes/Rules -


Q: What game modes do you offer?

A: We have a wide selection of game modes, each with their own distinct objectives and rules:

1.) Team Elimination - All players are divided evenly into two teams.  The objective is to eliminate the enemy team by running them out of lives.  Typically, to facilitate more games, each player only has one life.  Players lose lives by being shot and/or tagged by other players.  Once a team has been completely eliminated, the game is over!

2.) Capture The Flag - Two teams face off trying to capture the other team's flag.  Played in a similar fashion to dodgeball, when players are tagged/shot, they are sent to jail or back to their flag, and then are allowed back in when their teammates tag them.  The winning team either captures the other team's flag, or jails the whole other team!

3.) Protect The President - One player on each team is selected as the President. The objective of this game is for each team to get their President to the other team's flag.  The President, only has one life, and if they are eliminated, the other team wins.  The President doesn't have a Nerf blaster and must navigate the battlefield with their body guards.  The other players cannot be eliminated, but when shot/tagged must fall to the ground until the President tags them to revive them.

4.) Medic - Each team selects one player to be their team's Medic.  In team elimination style, the objective is to eliminate the other team.  However, unlike team elimination, players are not out of the game when they lose all their lives. Instead, they fall to the ground and must put their hands in the sky and yell "Medic".  The player playing the Medic can then revive fallen players.  But, if the Medic is eliminated, then fallen players can't be revived.

5.) Fortnite - All of our inflatable bunkers are velcro equipped and can be attached to each other in whatever way players see fit. As a result, it makes it easy to construct bases and battlefields. In Fortnite mode, players are allowed a certain number of bunkers, and must build their own forts to fight against each other. In true team elimination style, the last team standing wins! Can be played 2v2, squads, or free for all.

6.) Squads - Players are divided into smaller groups of 2-4 and are each given a section of the battlefield and some bunkers to build their base.  The objective is to eliminate the other squads and be the last team standing!

8.) Infection - Players are divided into zombies and humans.  The Humans get Nerf blasters and the zombies don't.  Over the next 5 minutes, the objective of the zombies are to tag the humans to turn them into zombies.  If a zombie player is shot, they exit the battlefield, wait ten seconds, then come back and attack again!  If all the humans are turned into zombies, the zombies win! Can you be one of the last remaining humans?



- Other Questions -

Q: What makes your Nerf parties "unforgettable"?

     A: From start to finish, we focus on the most important thing, your guests!         All you have to do is relax and let us do the entertaining for you. Be it a birthday or just a friendly gathering, everything we do it to create an unforgettable experience.  Our instructors will always be 110% energetic and ready to lead the action! We always make sure if it is a birthday party, to put special emphasis on the guest of honor.  We shift through multiple game modes per party so every new round is fresh and interesting!  We also cycle the kids through the Nerf guns so every kid has a chance to use a different gun.  Plus, our specialized battlefields are lightweight, mobile, and COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE! Meaning in mere seconds, we can change the arena to a completely new set up, making every round unique. Our equipment is always properly inspected to ensure everything works properly.  This means, no gun jamming and more fun!  Your guests will be talking about your party forever!! We Guarantee it!

Q: What if more kids show up than I reserved for, or I want more time?

     A: Additional players run at $20/person. If you wish to add time, we charge $75/30 minutes. We know party planning is difficult and things happen.  We always bring extra equipment just in case! If you want to change things in your reservation, that's not a problem! Simply inform us of the changes at least 24 hours before your event so know how much equipment to bring!

Q: Is there an age requirement?


     A: Anyone can play with parental supervision if under the age of 5. But we highly recommend only players over the age of 5+ play due to most of our blasters requiring some strength to properly use. Our Nerf Captain must ensure the safety of all players and cannot adequately do so if they must keep an eye on a toddler while people play.

Q: Do the nerf darts hurt?

 A: Not at all! All our nerf darts are made of high-grade soft foam with a        synthetic rubber tip. We provide goggles to prevent anyone from getting shot in the eye, and coach kids on the safe areas of the body to shoot.


- Insurance and Waivers -

Q: What if someone gets hurt during my event?

     A: We take every precaution to ensure maximum safety at our events.  In the unlikely event of an injury, please refer to our liability waiver for more information.

Q: If you are insured, do I still have to sign a waiver?

   A: Yes. Even though we are insured, we require that a liability waiver be signed prior to the start of all our events.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Parties that refuse to sign the waiver will be canceled and the normal refund policy shall be enforced.


Have more questions? Contact us directly! We will be happy to help!

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