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- Location, Parks, Permits, & Insurance Questions -

Q: Where should I host my party and how much space do I need?

 A: Parks or residential areas, such as backyards are great spaces for a Battle Party! Gymnasiums work well too! Large open spaces (roughly 25' x 25' or half to a full tennis court) with softer ground (grass) is always better because it is safer for the participants and on our equipment. However, since all our equipment is inflatable, we can fit almost any space!  Sometimes, smaller battlefields are better because it keeps the action going! If you are booking a public park, be sure to check for any permit or reservation requirements!

For Examples of where to host

Q: How do I book a Park?

A: Find a park that you like and call the Department of Parks and Recreation in charge of that location and ask to reserve it! The Department of Parks and Recreation will tell you one of three things. The Park is a "First come, first serve", the park requires a reservation for use of the space, or the park requires a permit to use. Be aware that not all parks are Nerf or Gel Blaster friendly, and some don't allow inflatables. Please be sure to get all proper permits and be aware of sound ordinances for public spaces! If you need help finding a location, CLICK HERE for a full list of our recommended locations in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Q: The Park is asking for proof of Insurance or to be added to insurance, can you do that?

A: Absolutely! We always carry insurance for all our events.  If your location wishes to see our insurance you can download it HERE and send it to them. If they wish to be added to our insurance policy as an additionally insured, we can add them for FREE! To do so, please email us at with exactly how they would like to be listed on our insurance policy and we will take care of everything for you.

Q: Finding a location and securing a permit is difficult. Can you do it for me?

A: We know that finding a location and dealing with local municipalities can be a challenging task. Yes we can! We are able to assist in or facilitate acquiring permits for our clients for a small fee plus the permit cost.  All Permits must be in your name. We are happy to give you suggestions to locations we like in specific cities.  Please note, however, that these are merely suggestions and location permitting and laws change quite frequently. We recommend you always do your research and go through all proper permit allocations before your event. There is nothing worse than having your event shut down by a Park Ranger because you didn't secure a permit!

- Payment/Deposit Questions -

Q: How and when do we pay for our Battle Party?

  A: Payment for events are collected through our online booking system.  At the end of your event, we will process the card on file to collect the remaining amount of your event, plus any gratuity you'd like to add.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it refundable if I cancel?

 A: Your deposit serves as your reservation of our services on a specific date and time. All deposits are nonrefundable for any reason as we are a service based company and your deposit is our commitment to the event. Cancellations after receiving deposits will not be subject to a refund under any circumstances.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes! Battle Party LA LLC is proud to show our support for active duty Military members and veterans, and first responders (EMT, Paramedic, Fire, & Police). If you or anyone in your immediate household qualify as one of these, please speak to us to receive a discount on your event with proper identification. Discounts vary based on the cost of your event!

Q: Is gratuity included in the price? Do I have to tip?

A: No, gratuity is not included in the price. Tipping your Nerf Captain is completely at your discretion, but recommended if they gave you an amazing event. Recommended tips range anywhere from $40 - $100, and can be added to your card transactions or accepted in cash.

- Game Modes/Rules -


Q: What game modes do you offer?

A: We have a wide selection of game modes, each with their own distinct objectives and rules:

1.) Team Elimination - All players are divided evenly into two teams.  The objective is to eliminate the enemy team by running them out of lives.  Typically, to facilitate more games, each player only has one life.  Players lose lives by being shot and/or tagged by other players.  Once a team has been completely eliminated, the game is over!

2.) Assault aka Bank Heist - Teams face off in a timed battle of attack and defend! The Battle Captain places a marker (often a speed cone or flag) at a random point on side of the battlefield. Over the next 5 minutes, the attacking team must try to touch that marker as many times as possible, scoring a point each time they do without being shot. After 5 minutes, the teams switch. Which ever team scored more points while attacking wins!

3.) Protect The President - One player on each team is selected as the President. The objective of this game is for each team to get their President to the other team's flag.  The President, only has one life, and if they are eliminated, the other team wins.  The President doesn't have a Nerf blaster and must navigate the battlefield with their body guards.  The other players cannot be eliminated, but when shot/tagged must fall to the ground until the President tags them to revive them.

Gulag - Taken directly from Call of Duty, both teams stand on the sidelines in a line. Players take turns sending one representative from their team onto the battlefield to do a 1v1 battle lasting 2 minutes or less. The first player to be hit in the rounds loses. The first team to reach a set number of points (based on the number of players) wins!

5.) Medic - Each team selects one player to be their team's Medic.  In team elimination style, the objective is to eliminate the other team.  However, unlike team elimination, players are not out of the game when they lose all their lives. Instead, they fall to the ground and must put their hands in the sky and yell "Medic".  The player playing the Medic can then revive fallen players.  But, if the Medic is eliminated, then fallen players can't be revived.

7.) Squads - Players are divided into smaller groups of 2-4 and are each given a section of the battlefield and some bunkers to build their base.  The objective is to eliminate the other squads and be the last team standing!



- Other Questions -

Q: What if more kids show up than I reserved for, or I want more time?

A: Additional players can be added to all Nerf events at $20/person, and $25/person for all events that include Gel Blasters. If you wish to add time, we can do that for $50/15 minutes (typically the time for a single battle, schedule permitting). We know party planning is difficult and things happen so we always bring a little extra equipment just in case! If you have a significant change to the number of players at your event (more than 4) please let us know asap so we can properly prepare!

Q: Is there an age requirement?


A: We welcome players of all ages on our battlefields. However, if the player is under 5 years old, a parent must be with them on the battlefield at all times. This is to enhance the experience of the player as some of the younger kids don't know how to properly use the blasters, and for their safety.

Q: What is the main difference between Nerf and Gel Blasters?

A: Nerf blasters are meant for players around 8 and younger. They shoot rubber tipped foam darts, and typically hold about 6 - 8 shots at a time, each shot requiring priming of some kind. This activity is ideal for younger players or real nerf enthusiasts.

Gel Blasters shoot soft, biodegradable gel pellets called "Gellets" that closely resemble Orbeez. They are made of a super absorbent polymer and water and leave no residue, marks, stains, or lasting bruises. Gel Blasters hold 800 shots at a time, are fully electrionic, motorized, and have automatic rapid fire, shooting 8 - 10 shots per second! The impact from Gel Blasters is slightly more than a Nerf dart, feeling like a small flick each time. Any impact marks made by Gel Blasters are surface only and last about 24 hours. We HIGHLY recommend trying out these new and innovative toys for your next event!

For all additional questions, including bad weather, please read our
Terms of Service Here:



Game Modes/Rules

Have more questions? Contact us directly! We will be happy to help!

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