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How To Find A Private Venue

Finding the right venue for your Nerf Party is easy! While we don't have a physical location ourselves, here are a few ideas and/or resources to help you find your perfect party space!

Featured Private Venue:


Battle Party LA has partnered with Renzo Grace Los Angeles!

Right in the middle of Hollywood, this venue features several outdoor multipurpose spaces, bathrooms, a common area, parking, and more! This is the best Private venue for your Nerf Party!

Indoor Space

Examples of great indoor spaces: 

School or YMCA Gyms


Ballroom/Event Space


Indoor Soccer Fields


Dance Studio

Outdoor spaces

Examples of great outdoor spaces: 

Tennis Courts


Baseball Fields


We recommend checking out to help find a space in your budget near you! 

Please note that the host is responsible for all rental fees that may occur from using indoor spaces.  These fees are not included in the price of your party.

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