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Insurance, Liability Waivers, and Terms of Service

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Terms & Conditions

All deposits are final and non-refundable for any reason. Be sure to call us at 323-333-9104 before placing your deposit to check our availability for your desired date.  Should you need to reschedule your event for any reason, your deposit is good for any date within our available schedule up to one month from the date of your original booking.  Should you need to reschedule for date outside of that window, a new deposit is required. 

If you do not place a deposit AND receive a confirmation email including our contracts for your event from us, your event is not booked. Simply speaking with us about an event or receving a quote does not constitute a booking on your behalf

We are typically booked up about one month ahead of time.

Battle Party LA LLC functions on a first come first serve basis for availability.  Once a deposit is placed and contracts issued, the event has been reserved and that time slot is no longer available. This means if you call and ask for availability and do not place a deposit, you are not booked, and are at risk of losing that available slot.

Your deposit is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from us with the BATTLE PARTY LA LLC PARTY PACKET and waivers.  If you do not receive these materials within 48 hours of placing your deposit, please call us.

There is a $5.00 service fee for all online transactions and 3.75% service fee for credit card payments in person or over the phone. Battle Party LA LLC is not responsible for weather. Please be aware of what the weather looks like for your date and plan accordingly.  Fees for mileage may apply if your event is more than 25 miles from our HQ.

Our time slots for the beginning of your event on Saturdays and Sundays are as follows:

Morning: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, 11:00, 11:15, 11:30.

Afternoon: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, or later.

Please note that not all of these may be available on certain days.


Should you need to reschedule your event for any reason, you must let us know at least 48 hours beforehand.  Your deposit is then good for one month from your original event date.  We will do our best to fit in your event into our schedule. Should you not reschedule for a date within this one month timeframe, or we are unable to accommodate your reschedule request due to no available dates, your event is considered canceled, and a new deposit is required to book with us again.


Battle Party LA LLC cannot function in rain or high winds due to equipment damage and player safety. Please watch the weather for your event day and plan accordingly to reschedule (see rescheduling above). If it rains during your event in progress, the event will end and we will charge you based on the amount of time played.

Pricing & Adding Players or Time to a Package

Please note that all package pricing reflects what is offered in each package as it is listed on the website. Should you add players, time, or activities in addition to what a package provides, additional fees will incur.

Additional Players may be added to any package in the amount of $20 per additional player for Nerf Battles, and $25 per additional player for Gel Blaster and Combo Events, over the listed number of players on each package.

Additional time may be added to any package day-of (schedule permitting) at the Battle Party LA representative's discretion. 

Additional time is $100 for each 30 minutes added for nerf, and $125 for Gel Blasters. This is subject to change if more players are involved than our package allows.

Players are counted towards your package allowance if over the age of 3. Substitutions and "waves" of players each count as an additional individual player.

Safety Breakdown

We pride ourselves in providing a high energy experience, while maintaining utmost care for your player's safety. In order to ensure maximum fun and safety at all our events, the first 5 - 8 minutes of your event will be used to instruct your players on the proper rules of play, safe operation of all equipment, and team selection. Doing this before we begin play allows us the full attention of all your party guests and drastically reduces the chance of injury or other problems that may occur on the battlefield. This also gives those who may be less experienced a moment to understand the activity, so that they may have just as much fun as the other players. Please note that this time may vary a few minutes depending on the attention of the players. Gel Blaster activities may take slightly longer to explain, due to higher safety precautions.

Party Structure and Water Breaks

Once the players take the battlefield, all games are broken down into timed battles.  These battles usually last anywhere from 8 - 15 minutes (sometimes longer).  The length of the battles depends on the energy level of the kids, weather (especially heat), game objectives, and other various factors that are completely up to the Battle Captain's discretion. After each battle, the Battle Captain will ask the players if they need a break. If so, a small water break will take place, and play will stop. 

We have found that these breaks are necessary to the player's well-being and overall success of the event.
Your time does not stop for these breaks. The Battle Captain will assess the condition of the players after about 3 - 5 minutes, and will rally them back to the battlefield, but cannot force tired players or players who want more time to rest, to participate.  It is our recommendation that Mandatory water breaks be enforced every 30 minutes or so to ensure the safety of all players. If you wish for shorter or longer breaks, please speak with us and we will adjust the battle schedule accordingly.


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