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Booking Parks

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Finding the right park to host your party can be tedious sometimes. Let us help! 

Below, you will find step by step instructions on how to go about reserving parks and getting permits, as well as a list of links to help you start your park search!

If you are still having trouble booking or would like a suggestion as to where to host, give us a call or email us at:


(323) 333-9104 or

Step by Step

Step By Step: How to Find and Book a Park

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our team is not able to assist with booking parks at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Just follow these instructions and you'll be ready in no time!

1.) Decide what city you want to host your party in.

2.) Do some research! Find a few parks in your location of choosing. Google for parks in your area and check out their photos.


3.) Look for parks that have open grass space or reservable picnic areas.  You can find this information on the park's website, which is usually through that city's department of Parks and Recreation.  

3a.) Some of these sites can be difficult to navigate, if that's the case, give the department a call and ask.

4.) The next step is usually calling to Department of Parks and Recreation, or sending a reservation request through the respective website. Permits and reservations are generally the same thing and depending on the city and number of guests you have range in price from $20-$100.

4a.) TIP: If you reserve a park in the city where you live, the permits and reservation fees are typically cheaper!

5.) When you call the respective Department of Parks and Recreation, you simply need to tell them that you are hosting a kid's birthday party with X number of guests. 

5a.) TIP: You might be tempted to say its a nerf party and that we use inflatables.  This information is not necessary for you to reserve the park as our inflatables are smaller than the required jumper size for permits. Likewise, parks sometimes get weird when you say you are hosting a Nerf Party. Simply say that it is a kid's birthday, everything will run smoother that way.

5b.) Sometimes parks or other spaces require proof of insurance or to add them as additionally insured for you to book. If this is the case, no problem! Let us know with at least 3 days lead time and we will link you the PDF to our insurance and add them as well for no extra charge.

6.) Once you pay the required fees and you have your reservation, let us know! Send us your deposit and you are all set!

(NOTE: The best parks are ones with lots of grass space and some shade in area that is roughly 25' x 50'.  If you cannot find anything matching these dimensions, that is okay! It does not have to be exact and we can modify to whatever space you have picked. Just please try to stay away from hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. It increases chance for scrapes and bruises on our players. Thank you!)

Links for reserach

Start Your Research at the Links Below!

Parks in LA County:

Picnic Areas in LA County:

Greater Los Angeles Area:

City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation Phone number:

(213) 212-2700

OC Parks

Parks in Orange County:

Orange County Parks Reservations Page:

Orange County Park Maps/Photos:

Battle Party LA-01.png
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