Blast through the competition with our eco-friendly, no-mess, motorized Gel Blasters! It's like Junior paintball, without the paint, mess, or pain!

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Gel Blaster Battle

12 Players

1 Hour

60,000 Gellets



Super GB Battle!

12 Players

1.5 Hours 

100,000 Gellets


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Ultimate GB Battle!

 16 Players

2 Hours

Unlimited Gellets


Custom Gel Blaster Battle!

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Need more players? Want more playing time? Call us and we will make a custom package just for you!

Extra players can be added on to any existing package for $40/player above the allotted package amount


Join the Battle Against Childhood Cancer!

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Battle Party LA is proud to partner with The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Portions of our proceeds from each of our events are donated to help fund the cure. Join us in the battle to end childhood cancer! If you wish to donate or learn more about our partnership, CLICK HERE!


Join the Battle and Fund the Cure!

Purchase an extra 10,000 orange gellets for $15 for your Gel Blaster battle and the full amount of profits will be sent to the NPCF! 

Battle Party LA LLC is a Proud Partner and official authorized dealer of Gel Blaster Products! Contact us for more information!

What Do I Get With My Gel Blaster Battle?

Our Gel Blaster Battles come with everything you need to have small or huge battle, anywhere you want!

  • 5 giant inflatable paintball regulation Bunkers

  • 16 smaller building bunkers you can use to build forts and walls

  • Gel Blasters, Ammo, and face protection 

  • An experienced Battle Captain, that will set up, run, and tear down your event. You don't need to do anything!

  • Multiple game modes to keep the battle fresh every time!

  • Anything else included in your package (such as chalk bombs or battlefield upgrades if purchased)

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Battle Party LA LLC is a Proud Partner and official authorized dealer of Gel Blaster Products!