Blast through the competition with our eco-friendly, no-mess, motorized Gel Blasters! It's like Junior paintball, without the paint, mess, or pain!

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Gel Blaster Battle

12 Players*

1 Hour

Giant, inflatable paintball style battlefield

Unlimited Ammo!


Super GB Battle!

12 Players*

1.5 Hours 

Unlimited Ammo!


Gel Blaster SURGE Blue with Gellets.png

Ultimate GB Battle!

20 Players*

1.5 Hours

The Ultimate battle with non-stop action and our biggest battlefield!

Unlimited Ammo!


Save $175!!


Want Gel Blasters & Nerf at the same event?

Take your Battle Party to the next level by booking a COMBO BATTLE!

*Extra players can be added on to any existing Gel Blaster package for $25/player 

What are kids saying about Gel Blasters?

What's Included in my Battle Party?

Every Battle Party package includes the following:

  • Unlimited Gellet Ammo for non-stop action!

  • A full inflatable battlefield with bunkers to hide behind!

  • Full face/head protection to enable maximum safety & fun!

  • A Battle Captain (one of us) to set up, run, and pack it up!

  • Several different game modes and tons of fun!

  • All ages welcome! If younger than 5, parental help required

  • giant Speaker for epic battle music!!!

  • NO HIDDEN FEES!!! What you see, is what you pay for all parties within 25 miles of us! (3.75% service fee for all credit card transactions for processing charges.)