Our Equipment

Each party we host comes with the following:

Our Battlefields


Our battlefields feature multiple inflatable battle bunkers of all shapes and sizes, giving each side of the battlefield a unique layout and various levels of cover.  Every battlefield we set up is made up of at least 5 Giant Battle Bunkers (red and blue), and 16 Building Bunkers (tires, ammo crates, toxic waste barrels, etc). 


The Giant Battle Bunkers are exactly what they sound like, giant! They are about 5 - 6 feet high and remain stationary throughout play and provide massive levels of full body cover from attacks to not only protect yourself, but conceal your movements from enemies!  

The other essential part of our battlefields are our Building Bunkers!  Each bunker has been modified to connect to any other Building Bunker.  This allows for all players to construct bases, forts, walls, or anything they want, whenever they want! Our Building Bunkers also allow for the battlefield to completely transform after each round, essentially making a completely new arena each time! This keeps gameplay fresh and exciting.  We have 6 different bunkers: wooden crates, ammo crates, tires, toxic waste, explosive barrels, and tire stacks.  They are lightweight and easy to set up and tear down.

By combining our Giant Battle Bunkers with our Building Bunkers, the layouts of our battlefields are as endless as your imagination! Every round of play can be on a completely new battlefield, keeping each game fresh and engaging!

Giant Battle Bunkers

We have 4 different types of Giant Battle Bunkers. Each has their own unique characteristics and shape to enhance the battlefield. 





4' x 5'


4' x 5'


4' x 6.5'

2.5' x 10'

Each Giant Battle Bunker is made from regulation grade paintball quality materials, by Rhino Bunkers, made in the USA. They're incredibly durable, waterproof, and ready for battle, anywhere, at anytime!  They always stay stationary though each game and provide fantastic cover from any and all enemy attacks! Each event comes standard with 5 Giant Battle Bunkers, which includes a mixture of cylinders, bricks, temples, and one snake.

Building Bunkers


If giant bunkers are not enough for you, how about building your own base? Yep, you heard that right. Take control of the battlefield using our Building Bunkers! We have 4 different Building Bunkers: wooden crates, ammo crates, tires, and toxic waste.  They not only add color and a cool real battlefield aesthetic to our games, but you can easily move them around and customize your side of the battlefield each round!  They stick to each other and deconstruct with ease, so take control of your circumstances and build the most impenetrable Nerf fortress the world has seen! 


Nerf Blasters!

While the Bunkers are cool, let's get to what you really care about...what kind of Nerf Blasters do we have?! We carry multiple Nerf Blasters, of all shapes, sizes, and functions, providing optimized Nerf combat in all situations to all types of players!

Alpha Rogue Sniper

Doomlands Vagabond

N-Strike Disruptor Pistol

Single shot bolt action sniper

Revolver Barrel Pistol

Hypershot Mini-Pistol

Very powerful single shot Mini-Pistol

Zombie Strike Quadrot

Quick loading Pump Shotgun

T-Bar 4 Shot Pistol

Nerf Surgefire

Large ammo drum front loading Blaster!

Each team gets and even amount of snipers and shotguns.  We can bring heavy weapons if desired! Otherwise, we bring one reserved for the birthday kid (or guest of honor), if they want to use it. The Swarmfire shoots darts automatically without pumping, making it the most deadly Nerf Blaster on our Battlefields! All our blasters have been carefully selected to be non-jamming, user friendly, and quick to reload.  To maintain a fair playing environment, after each round players who used special blasters (anything other than a pistol) are required to trade with players who used a pistol last round. With Blasters like these, our Nerf battles are second to none!


Safety Equipment

Eye Goggles

We understand that Goggles may not be "cool" but you know what else ins't cool? Getting shot in the eye.  We require that all participants wear protective eye wear during our games.  Since our teams are split into red and blue, the goggles also serve as a way to identify your fellow teammates, and quickly discern your enemies.  We always provide goggles at each event.

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