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How to host at Your Home!

Hosting a Nerf Party at your home is easier than it sounds. Especially when you let us do all the work for you!  We recommend you take into account the follow pictures and these four things when deciding to host at your residence:

Example of spaces: 


Great Space!


Great Space!


Bad Space!


Bad Space!


Rocky, uneven, or loose dirt backyards can damage our equipment.  Please keep this in mind when selecting your space!

Home step by step

1.) Have a yard or open space that is roughly 25' x 50' (we can adapt to smaller spaces). Be sure your space is not too narrow or constricting to allow for the highest quality of play. Balanced rectangle or square spaces are preferred over thin and long spaces.

2.) Be sure the surface of your space is a soft ground (we prefer grass), that does not have a ton of loose dirt, sand, or rocks which can damage our equipment and harm players.

3.) Ensure that your yard is devoid of pot holes, sticks, weeds, or large rocks, nails, glass or any other hazards that could harm players and equipment.

4.) If you plan on hosting a party at night, be sure that your space is well lit, as our equipment does not glow in the dark, and we do not provide portable lighting.

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