Typically we host events in parks and residential spaces. However, most pubic parks are discouraging gatherings and not issuing permits.  As such, we assist or recommend public venues at this time.  Our team encourages private residential spaces or indoor/outdoor venues until things open back up.  For more information on and for a list of resources to find these places, CLICK HERE! 


Phoenix, AZ resources and locations pending!


The best part about our battlefields is that they are adaptable to almost any size/shape space, greatly increasing your options.  If you have any questions about sizing, don't hesitate to call us at (323) 333-9104.

Where do I host my Nerf Party?

As with every party, securing the best location is important.  For our events, we recommend an open soft ground space (no loose dirt, sand, or gravel) that is around 25' x 50', but we can adapt to almost any size space! Let us help you figure out where to host your event! Just select your preferred location option below:

Public Park

Private Venue

At Your Home

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